OutOfOur Closet


You have the right to not disappear.

You have the right to feel confident. 

You have the right to look hot and happy in your clothes.

I’m Judith Rizzio.

My love affair with fashion started in the Bowery in New York City. At the Salvation Army, I would dig through bins to find vintage clothes that I could tear apart to create something new. I've been on the hunt ever since.

I've spent over forty years collecting, creating, and styling. I've run nonprofit thrift stores, costumed high school theatre shows, and will stop at any garage and estate sale in my path. 

Now, as a style activist, I use my experience to help people push against the privilege of fashion to make it accessible and fun for everyone. 

Let’s get started.




No matter who you are...
No matter what size you are...
No matter how old you are...

Come work with me for a sliding scale fee or in exchange for goods and services. Sessions can include:

  • Closet clean-up

  • Personal shopping

  • Styling techniques

  • Ideas on where to find clothes that fit your budget

  • + more

Let's talk. 



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